The Oregon-Washington Bridge, also known as the Interstate Bridge, is a standout structure in Portland, Oregon. This iconic bridge connects Oregon and Washington across the mighty Columbia River, representing the vibrant cross-border relationship between these two states.

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Built in 1917, the bridge boasts a dual vertical lift design, consisting of two separate spans that carry Interstate 5. To meet the growing traffic demands, the northbound span was added in 1958. As one of the oldest vertical-lift bridges still in operation in the United States, the Interstate Bridge provides a fascinating glimpse into the engineering marvels of the early 20th century.

Stretching 3,538 feet in length, with the center lift section accounting for 531 feet of that, the bridge offers 176 feet of vertical clearance for passing ships when the lift section is raised. This feature is crucial for maintaining the navigability of the river. The bridge’s steel truss design gives it a distinct industrial aesthetic, contrasting with the natural beauty of the Columbia River surroundings.

Beyond its structural and functional aspects, the Interstate Bridge holds symbolic significance. It embodies the economic, cultural, and social connections between Oregon and Washington. Every day, thousands of vehicles traverse this bridge, linking families, businesses, and communities.

On both sides of the bridge, there are numerous parks and recreational spaces where locals and visitors can revel in the breathtaking views of the river and the bridge. Hayden Island, a river island in the Columbia River just south of the bridge, offers parks, trails, and viewpoints for people to enjoy the splendid scenery. Similarly, the Vancouver waterfront on the Washington side provides a delightful blend of dining, shopping, and recreational opportunities.

The bridge also takes center stage during Portland’s annual Rose Festival. It is here that the impressive fleet of ships participating in the festival sails under the raised lift span, a tradition dating back to the early 20th century. This event attracts thousands of spectators each year, further cementing the bridge’s iconic status.

Despite its age, the Interstate Bridge continues to be a vital transportation link in the Pacific Northwest. Discussions are underway for potential replacement or major renovation by 2023 to better meet the region’s growing transportation needs and enhance its seismic resilience.

In essence, the Oregon-Washington Bridge is more than just a means of crossing the Columbia River. It is a symbol of connectivity, a testament to historical engineering, and an iconic part of the Pacific Northwest’s landscape. Its role in facilitating the flow of people, goods, and cultures between Oregon and Washington is a fundamental element of the region’s character and vitality.

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