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A List of Common Plumbing Emergencies

Plumbing Emergency — noun — when the water is no longer in the pipes
see also: an open-ended question

It’s true; what constitutes a plumbing emergency always seems to shift from person to person. Anytime the water doesn’t run, drain or stay inside the pipes, it can feel like a horseman of the apocalypse has finally come through the toilet bowl. When the simple remedies such as plungers, drano and disposable drain snakes can not provide relief, it might as well be judgment day. For that reason Service Plus Plumbing has taken the time to list out the most common but still serious plumbing emergencies for the worried homeowner or apartment resident.

If one or more of these issues give you the headaches, call Portland’s most trusted plumbing repair professionals at Service Plus Plumbing. We will get to the bottom (quite literally) of what’s plaguing your plumbing system with thorough, detail-oriented service.

Common Plumbing Emergencies

No Water

If the water bill is paid and yet water doesn’t run from the tap that is a tell tale sign that something is seriously wrong: a sewer line back up, a burst pipe, a broken valve, you name it–something in the water supply of the property has resulted in a cascading failure and usually can be paired in combination with other items on this list.

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Service Plus Plumbing is here to provide Portland with expert know-how and outstanding service.

Pipe Burst

Burst pipes most often occur because of corrosion or freezing temperatures. Because of Portland’s humid climate and propensity for winter freezes you should always be prepared in the event of a corroded or frozen pipe. The effects of a burst pipe happen fast and the sooner to act, the lesser the damage. Look for your main water valve and shut it off to avoid major flooding damage. Once that is done, find yourself a professional plumber.

Clogged Drains

Some residents or homeowners might not consider a clogged drain to require an expert hand or reason for emergency. But what starts out as a benign annoyance can quickly become a serious emergency in need of a professional plumbing service. Drain clogs can happen to kitchen and bathroom sinks, bathtubs and showers. Nothing is more terrifying than a clogged toilet.

If the water never drains it can corrode pipes and cause a sewer backup on top of smelling foul. When small drain snakes or plungers fail to lower the water level it’s time to start calling for an emergency plumbing technician near you.

Sewer Backup

Sewer backups occur when the main sewage line in your becomes clogged, this can be as a direct result of a clogged drain, tree roots, or just plain old ancient sewer lines. A faulty sewer line can result in a cascading failure for all water services–you simply will not be able to bathe, flush, drain or use water as the entire system is polluted with waste water. If you notice a lingering stench, a wet yard or multiple drains unable to filter out the water, turn off all the water and call a plumber.

In the event of a sewer back plumbers aren’t just necessary, they are obligatory, in order to avoid lasting water damage and prevent health hazards.

Hot Water Heater Malfunction

If you sniff a whiff of rotten eggs near your water heater, you probably have a gas leak. Luckily enough, this kind of problem also falls into a qualified plumber’s wheelhouse. Leaking gas means you should immediately turn off your gas line if possible and then call a plumber to fix the leak.

Do not use any hot water or light anything in your home unless you want to go by the nickname Sparky for the rest of your life. Gas leaks can turn lethal quick, even without a box of matches, resulting in carbon monoxide poisoning.

What water leaks are considered a plumbing emergency?

That depends on the leak. Leaky faucets are easy to fix and require very little time. At the least, it might require replacing a washer. At worst, you will need a new faucet entirely. Fixing them fast is a priority in order to save yourself money on water. Leaky faucets can waste gallons of water over time.

If a leak occurs in the pipes however, then a much more serious issue has developed. If you see a water leak trailing down drywall or a wet spot forming in the ceiling, water damage has already begun. If a thin layer of excess water has accumulated on the floor with nothing running, then more expert hands will most likely need to arrive to help with repair and cleanup

Why would you need emergency plumbing services?

Emergency plumbers provide a service that seems distant and unnecessary most of the time, because it is. Most plumbing issues are minor and only take a plunger or a drain snake to solve. If disaster strikes multiple times in your home from the water supply, it is a true emergency.

If anyone of these warning signs or events have occurred, remember to turn off the water or gas valve before anything else in order to minimize the structural and collateral damage. Once you have tried to stop the problem from worsening, call your local plumbing experts for Portland, Service Plus Plumbing, for thorough, attentive service.

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A List of Common Plumbing Emergencies

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