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Baby-Proofing Your Plumbing

Anyone with children or getting ready to have a child understands the sheer amount of preparation that goes into getting the necessary supplies and arrangements for a newborn baby. For most, this includes stocking up on diapers, clothing, preparing a nursery, picking out car seats and strollers, and other provisions. However, there is one area that is often left forgotten until problems arise. Preparing your plumbing before a baby arrives can save a lot of money and trouble later on down the road. There are several things to check for and install to ensure the plumbing is safe and effective for a new baby.

Check For Leaks

While minor leaks may not be a significant issue for small families, introducing a baby into the household means an increase in water usage. Everything from the bathtub to the dishwasher and washing machine will be used more frequently, putting additional strain on your pipes. If there is already a small leak, it will only become worse from the added use, and a burst pipe is an unnecessary added strain on new parents. Before the baby arrives, it is always a good idea to have a thorough inspection of the plumbing to ensure there are no leaks or surprises.

Install A Water Softener

A water softener is an excellent addition to any household plumbing regardless if there is a baby or not. However, it can be exceptionally beneficial for bathing newborns. Water softeners are a type of filtration system that aids in removing calcium and magnesium deposits that cause hard water. For infants, these deposits can cause irritation and dryness after bathing. Water softeners work by using sodium to remove the calcium and magnesium minerals.

Because sodium is used as the filtration method, there is debate over whether or not softened water is suitable for drinking; this is a matter of preference. If the taste doesn’t bother you, it is perfectly fine to drink softened water as the sodium level should not exceed 200 mg/l. If drinking water is part of your concern, there is the option to use bathtub faucet attachments that can help filter hard water. While these attachments may not effectively remove hard water deposits, they can still help filter out chlorine and other irritating elements. They also won’t have any effect on your drinking water.

Lower The Water Heater

While many of us enjoy a scalding hot shower every now and again, these water temperatures can be hazardous for babies. Before a newborn arrives, parents should adjust the temperature gauge on their water heater to help prevent potential injuries. Additionally, it is a good idea to have a water heater inspected to ensure no repairs need to be made. A broken water heater can result in varying water temperatures from freezing cold to scalding hot, leaks, reduced water flow, and discolored or smelly water, all of which are not ideal with a new baby.

Utilize Baby-Proofing Products

Plumbers Near Me PortlandThere are thousands of baby-proofing products on the market, and while many parents are sure to lock cabinets, plug outlets, and guard corners, the bathroom should not be one of the forgotten places. Many things in a bathroom are low to the ground and, therefore, more accessible for babies to reach. A few well-chosen products can help prevent a lot of hardships in the future. A door lock is the first line of defense in preventing babies from getting into places they shouldn’t be. But things are hard enough with a new baby without having to remember to lock the door each time you use the bathroom. That is why the toilet is the second thing you want to protect.

Most children find toilets fascinating and will be curious about what other items it can make disappear. From makeup to toys, socks, and food, children will attempt to flush just about anything they can get their hands on. A toilet seat lock is perhaps one of the most useful baby-proofing products at preventing costly plumbing services. For additional protection, a toilet handle lock can be installed to avoid unnecessary flushing. Lastly, a toilet paper saver is a simple yet effective way to prevent your entire roll of toilet paper from being unrolled onto to floor or shoved into the toilet. Consider some of these baby-proofing products to protect your plumbing!

Consider A Diaper Sprayer

Becoming a parent comes with a lot of duties, including dealing with a lot of doodies. While it is entirely a matter of preference, some parents are choosing to use reusable cloth diapers instead of the traditional disposable diapers. Cloth diapers can save you a significant amount of money and the horror of running out of diapers. If you are choosing to use cloth diapers for your baby, one of the best things you can do is to install a diaper sprayer.

Not only are these attachments incredibly effective at removing waste from the diapers, but they also prevent messes and making cleaning the diapers much less of a hassle. A typical diaper sprayer can be easily attached to the water valve at the base of the toilet. Additionally, specialty basins that fit over the bowl of the toilet can be used to make the process even easier. A diaper sprayer should be installed prior to the arrival of the baby since diaper duty will commence as soon as they are born.

General Maintenance and Inspections

Regardless of having a baby, regular maintenance and inspections should be performed when necessary. Doing this will allow you to find potential or minor problems before they become significant issues. Your plumbing is essential in protecting you and your family.

At Service Plus Plumbing, we strive to provide our customers with reliable and effective services. From leak detection to re-piping and repairs, we do it all. Offering free estimates and honest service, we are confident you won’t find a better plumbing contractor around. Our technicians have the training and experience needed to ensure each job we perform is done with the utmost precision and care.

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Baby-Proofing Your Plumbing

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