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Jamison Square

Located in the heart of the Pearl District, one of Portland’s most vibrant neighborhoods, Jamison Square is a public space that truly captures the city’s community spirit. This park, opened in 2002, was the first one developed in the district. Today, it stands as a testament to Portland’s commitment to creating engaging, people-centric urban environments.

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Jamison Square, spanning less than an acre, packs in a wealth of features that cater to a diverse range of visitors. Named after William Jamison, a local art gallery owner and advocate for the arts, the park reflects the artistic and cultural vibrancy of its surrounding neighborhood.

One of the park’s standout features is the Tidal Pool Fountain. This impressive installation consists of stone-clad platforms at varying heights, creating a cascading water effect. During the summer months, the fountain is a hit with children who revel in the shallow water as it rises and falls, imitating the ebb and flow of a tidal sea. It offers a playful escape from the city’s heat and creates an atmosphere of joy and laughter that resonates throughout the park.

Bordering the fountain, a spacious boardwalk lined with ample seating allows visitors to relax, enjoy their surroundings, and partake in the energetic street life. It’s a favored spot for locals to unwind with a book, enjoy their lunch, or simply people-watch.

The park also features a collection of public art, reinforcing the area’s strong cultural identity. Among these, the most distinctive is the ‘Tikitotemoniki Totems,’ a series of carved wooden columns created by Kenny Scharf, a New York artist known for his colorful pop-surrealistic style.

Jamison Square is also notable for its environmentally-conscious design. The trees that line the park’s perimeter and provide shade are part of an innovative stormwater management system. Rainwater is collected, filtered, and stored in an underground cistern, then used to feed the trees, thus integrating sustainability into the park’s core.

The park’s location in the Pearl District, known for its art galleries, boutiques, and eateries, further enhances its appeal. Jamison Square is not only a park but also a community gathering place. It hosts events throughout the year, including art festivals, outdoor concerts, and neighborhood celebrations, making it a hub of activity and community engagement.

In essence, Jamison Square embodies the ethos of Portland, a city that values its public spaces as focal points of community, culture, and sustainability. It’s a microcosm of the city’s urban charm, where architecture, art, and nature converge to create an environment that’s engaging, inclusive, and distinctly Portland. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, a day at Jamison Square is an immersion in the vibrant pulse of the city.

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Jamison Square

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