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Main Water Line Replacement Portland

When Should I Replace My Main Water Line?

If there is anything worse than a leaky pipe, it’s main water line damage! This can cause thousands of dollars in damages and create an unsafe environment for your family. It also typically produces a lot of inconveniences, which you don’t need when dealing with an already stressful plumbing situation like replacing your water lines. However, you can avoid all this if you adequately maintain your entire plumbing system. So, when should you call for plumbing services to replace the main water line?

How can I tell it’s time to replace my main water line?

A few signs can help you determine if your main water line is due for replacement. If the pipe has been dented or breached, then it’s time to replace it immediately. Watch out for the following signs that your water line needs replacement:

The soil outside your house is saturated with water

If you notice a lot of moisture around the area where your main line enters and exits from your home, this might indicate that the pipe is leaking. You will also notice that there’s a lot of water accumulation around your meter and service connection area – this happens because it’s where all the water coming into your home gets distributed to its different parts! If you notice this, call a plumber right away. Leaking pipes can be a huge problem for your home. If left unattended, they can cause major damage to the foundation of your house and even allow mold to grow in its walls!

Your mainline appears rusty or corroded

Another surefire sign that you need to replace or perform main water line repair, especially if it’s rusty or corroded. Use a flashlight to shine through the wall opening where your main line comes into contact with soil outside of your home, and check if you see any signs of corrosion on the pipe itself.

Look for any leaks near your meter

Water pooling on your property is never a good sign. It could be something as simple as the gutter system needing to be cleaned, but it can also mean that your water line is leaking. If you notice water pooling in the area surrounding your mainline, this is a sign that something needs an overhaul. Not all leaks are obvious at first glance – some will only cause problems over time, while others need immediate attention. Call a service provider right away in order to prevent further issues.

Rising water bill

Finally, a rise in your water bills can signify that you need to replace the mainline. A high water bill is not something that should be ignored. If you have an unexplained increase in your monthly bills, then there could be several reasons behind this change. The first thing that you need to do is call a plumber and get them over to inspect the plumbing of your home or business. They’ll take some readings and give you their professional opinion on whether or not it’s time for new pipes.

What is the best time to replace my main water line?

Replacing your main water line doesn’t need to happen immediately after you notice the symptoms above. You should schedule the replacement when fewer people are in your house and do not use a lot of water. This minimizes inconveniences for everyone. You can also schedule your mainline replacement once you have completed or started any home renovations. If you want the job done right – hire professional plumbers! It is a good time since you will already be working with building professionals who can offer advice on how to replace the water lines correctly.

What are the benefits of replacing my old main water line with a new one? Main Water Line Replacement Professionals Portland

One of the benefits of main water line replacement with a new one is that you will be able to enjoy cleaner, better-tasting water. Corroded water pipes can leach iron and other minerals into the water supply, contaminating the water and changing its taste. Another benefit includes having peace of mind knowing that there are no water line leaks. This also means that there is no risk of flooding, saving you time and effort in the long run! Finally, having a new main water line can mean saving hundreds of dollars on your monthly utility bills since they are less likely to break down under pressure compared to old water pipes. Yay for savings!

Why should I call in a professional plumber for help with this project?

The main reason to contact a professional plumbing service is that main water line replacement is a job that requires more than just basic plumbing skills. It also includes excavation, soil replacement, and other tasks that can best be completed by someone specializing in these areas. This way, you can be sure that the job is done right the first time and that there won’t be plumbing problems in the near future.

Your Local Plumbing Specialists!

If you have water issues in your home and feel that your main water line is damaged, call Service Plus Plumbing for immediate pipe repair. We have been offering essential drainage system services for years, from repairs and replacements to maintenance. Give us a call anytime you need main water line replacement in Portland or have any questions about your plumbing system!

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When Should I Replace My Main Water Line?

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